“The improvement of the insolvency legal framework will lead to improvement of business conditions and reduction of unemployment in the territory of the European Union”Tsetska Tsacheva – Minister of Justice

That is what Tsetska Tsacheva said before MPs from the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee (JURI).
She added that creating a single regulation in these proceedings would allow viable traders and entrepreneurs to maintain and continue their business.

At the beginning of her speech, which started at 10 am Bulgarian time and can be seen at the European Parliament website, Minister Tsacheva stressed that the Bulgarian Presidency supports the reforms undertaken to strengthen the financial, economic and social stability of the EU and with this regard is working hard to introduce the necessary level of harmonization in restructuring processes and to provide a second chance for entrepreneurs.

As another priority in the Justice area, she highlighted Bulgaria’s ambition to improve the existing framework and to make easier for citizens in assertion of their rights in family-law cross-border disputes, to facilitate and speed up the judicial decisions, ensuring the possibility of hearing the child, increased efficiency and cost reduction in procedures concerning international child abduction and cooperation between the courts, the Central and other authorities of the Member States.

The hearing of Minister Tsetska Tsacheva can be reviewed here:


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