Disciplinary liability should be sought as regards 14 employees of the Sofia Prison, 12 of them executive and 2 senior managers. This is one of the proposals made by the commission for clarifying the facts and circumstances surrounding the both prisoners’ escape on April 3 this year in Sofia.
At a briefing today at the Ministry of Justice, the responsible Deputy Minister Prof.  Nikolay Prodanov announced the results of the inspection so far. The press conference was attended by the acting Director-General of the Directorate General “Execution of Punishments”, Chief Inspector Vasil Miladinov and Chief Inspector Ivaylo Yordanov, Chief of the Prison Guard and Security Sector.
“А number of violations of the supervisory and security regime by officials have been established, notably failure of obligations for personal and baggage search” said Prof.  Prodanov. He added that low control over carrying the duty office was found, and organizational weaknesses are present. According to Prof. Prodanov, was also found that the respective officials were aware of the high social danger posed by both prisoners.
As regards the imported weapons in prison, the inspection did not unequivocally establish how it had been transferred to the prison corps and the work in this respect would continue.
Prof. Prodanov also said that the commission has issued a total of 12 specific recommendations aimed at increasing the efficiency of the supervisory and security activities.