Justice Ministers from European Union (EU) Member States were informed by Minister Tsetska Tsacheva about the solve of the horrendous murder of 30-year-old journalist Viktoria Marinova, which has caused wide public and international reverberations. Minister Tsacheva did this in the beginning of the session of the Justice Council of the European Union being held in Luxembourg.

Tsacheva familiarized her colleagues with the steps taken to uncover the grave crime committed on 6 October 2018 in Ruse. She emphasized that the apprehension of the suspect was made possible by the active work on the case by the competent authorities in Bulgaria and Germany.

The Minister said that, according to the information gathered so far, it was most probably a spontaneous attack, which disproved the suggestions at the national and international levels from the first days after the murder that the crime was related to the victim’s profession. The Ministers were also informed that, based on the evidence gathered, a European Arrest Warrant was issued and the person was apprehended by the German police in the state of Lower Saxony on 9 October 2018. The evidence provided by Bulgaria is to be examined and the person is to be questioned before a German court which will decide whether to hand him over to Bulgaria.

Tsetska Tsacheva expressed her hope that the extradition procedure for the person would develop quickly. According to her, the case is a testament to the efficiency of the European mechanisms of cooperation in the area of justice and home affairs. The Justice Minister stated that the Bulgarian Government firmly condemned any form of violence and, from the start, was making any efforts to find the facts related to the grave crime.

She assured her colleagues that we remained firmly committed to working efficiently in the future to probe into and impose fair sentences on the perpetrators of all criminal acts and infringements upon our citizens’ life and inviolability.