The Deputy Minister of Justice Prof. Nikolay Prodanov held a working meeting with Vasil Velev, President of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA). The meeting was attended by Chief Commissar Vasil Miladinov, Director General of Directorate General Execution of Punishments, and Ivan Ivanov, Executive Director of Prison Work Fund State Enterprise which manages the economic activities in the places for deprivation of liberty.
The main point of discussion was how to increase the labour of the people deprived of liberty at places for execution of punishments. Options were also discussed of a more effective use of the available production facilities. It was pointed out during the talks that the economic activities performed by persons deprived of liberty allowed for an actual reduction in the terms of their sentences and had a direct relation to their re-socialisation.
On behalf of BICA, Mr. Velev stated that the economic subjects which were BICA members were interested in using the available labour resources and production facilities at places for execution of punishments. He committed to inform the respective managers about the current economic opportunities which could be implemented on the territories of Directorate General Execution of Punishments.
Those in attendance rallied behind the idea of the nature of mutual interest of the topics being discussed and agreed to continue to maintain constant contacts.