Veronika Antova


Veronika Antova graduates from the Technical University of Sofia with Master’s degree of a mechanical engineer in 1988.

She acquires a postgraduate qualification in International economic relations and external economic activity in 1998 at the University of National and World Economy.

During the period 1993 – 1997, she works as a head at Sector “Public Relations” in Foundation “Democracy”. From March 1997 to May 1997, she is a Secretary for media relations at the Council of Ministers.

Secretary to the Office of the Secretary General of the National Assembly from May 1997 to September 1998.

Director of Directorate “Protocol” at the National Assembly from January 1998 – October 2003.

From October 2003 to May 2017, she is a Director of Directorate “International Relations and Protocol” at the National Assembly.